WorldNuqumorityToken Use the Smart Contract of VIPSTAR virtual currency (VIPS) derived from 5 new VIP speed tables
WorldNuqumorityToken (WNT) is a project to support and reconstruct the effects of natural disaters all around the world.
We will start building the donation function, develop disarter's support foundation, funds for support the affected areas,coorperate with the goverment to open local agencies in future. we are looking forward to contribute the society


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  • Name:
  • Symbol:
  • Total issue number:
    20,000,000,000 WNT
  • Contract address:
  • Decimals:
We aim to list overseas exchanges and we will sell them all at once on listing at 2sat. The unachieved minute token is allocated to one support lockup. We will allocate part of listed earnings to vips support expenses.
Three presales will be held before listing on the exchange. It will be allocated to exchanges listing funds, corporateization expenses.
Air Drop:15%
In order to improve WNT awareness, we will do air drop event and distribute it by twitter, Discord, 5channel threads.
Management Team:10%
It is used for remuneration etc. of operation and development team.
Development Costs:15%
Development of original currency, system development of disaster support platform, WNT support network etc We will use it for promotional expenses to improve WNT 's name recognition.
Assistance lockup:10%
We will lock up as disaster reconstruction support expenses. It will be used as support money depending on the situation of emergency.


  • July and August 2018

    Issuing a token

    Preliminary Free Distribution

  • September 2018

    Improve WNT's name recognition

    WNT support network development started

    Publish WHITEPAPER

  • October to December 2018

    Implementation of Presales



    Listing on overseas exchanges

    Using 40% of total issue number, Started selling at 0.00000002 (2sat) same as virtual currency VIPSTAR (VIPS)

    Notification of WNT to support organizations

    Listing on multiple overseas exchanges

    Improve WNT name recognition and value

    Development of disaster information platform started

    Start development of original currency

  • 2019 ~

    To enhance WNT's brand recognition and enhance liquidity Overseas Marketing

    Listing on major overseas exchanges

    Construction of infrastructure to realize support using WNT

    Collaboration with government agencies

    Improvement of functions of disaster information system · WNT support network

WNT News

  • ワールドヌクモリティトークン公式キャラクターの画像
  • 2018/10/20Starting Presales
  • 2018/08/10World nuqumori token official character
  • 2018/08/06From the 2nd air drop start ~ 9/15
  • 2018/08/02Official logo · Character recruitment
  • 2018/08/01First invitation campaign started
  • 2018/07/24Official website release

  • 2018/07/24Official DISCORD release
  • 2018/07/23The first air drop start
  • 2018/07/15World Nuqurity token (WNT) issued
Donation Wanted List (Preparation)
Apply for donation (Preparation)

WNT Team

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  • CEO